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We see a world where every organization is a digital one. Or a digital supported one. We see a world where you need to be digital mature enough to stay in business.
Established as a cooperation between individual Digital Professionals, The Cyber Partners is an innovative platform with an integrated view to solving today's challenges.

Everyone at The Cyber Partners is an entrepreneur, goal-oriented. Together, we offer you support in organizing digital transformation in different aspects.

What do you need to safely take the next step in the digital world?

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You realize your organization is challenged. The Cyber Partners can forward you to a specific contractor to assist you in solving your challenge. Or define a cooperative-project in which your challenges will be adressed.. and solved.

Meetings on board level seem Babylonic when this topic is adressed. To get inspiration and get an insight on the impact on your organisation, we developed an 1-hour inspiration session which can be organised in your boardroom. Did you know that according to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code a board of non-executive directors is responsible for the supervision on Cyber Security? We also offer a full day workshop on the hygiene factors of digitization: Compliance, Privacy, Cyber Security, Ethics and governance.

Information and industrial control systems (ICS) are used to control and monitor industrial machines. ICS are essential for the continuity of vital infrastructures and therefore it is important to ensure optimal security of these systems. We can help protect your ICS against unauthorized persons, process manipulation and system damage. This way, your organization can produce 24/7.

Ensure your industrial continuity, let us help you.


Do you know how cyber secure you are? With our Healthcheck we are able to help you understand the risk position of your security in business terms. Our Healthcheck is developed with input of a number of cyber security specialists, based on standards, good practices and their experiences. It delivers information about your mission-critical assets, the effectiveness of taken measures and processes. Our Healthcheck will provide you with pragmatic, tailor-made key points for the improvement of your security landscape, your maturity level and ensuring business continuity.